Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Home Videos - June

Check out what we've been up to!


He seriously cannot get enough of his daddy!

Football Swing

Walking with Bebe :)


Snuggling with his Daddy

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brock 15 Months - Overview

Another month with more great memories!  We are so excited that summer is here and we can enjoy more time outside as a family.  This past month, we've had several visits to the park, a day at the pool, many playdates, and dinners on the back deck.  And the summer has only just begun!

Here's a look at what Brock-man has been up to this month...

Food - This kid eats anything and everything!  He LOVES to eat...and eat and eat.  Some days we feel like we've created a food monster!

New foods: (not many this month since he eats most foods now)
Almond Milk
Almond Butter

Brock is still on a little to no dairy diet.  We were previously giving him vanilla soy milk, but have recently switched to almond milk.  Since he is getting an appropriate amount of calcium from the almond milk (and he had such an aversion to dairy previously), we have no plans to reintroduce him dairy anytime soon.

Movement - He has found the stairs!  He can crawl up the first few steps on his own and one day made it halfway up.  As scary as it is to me and Britt, we continue to encourage him to climb them.  For a few months now, we've noticed that his right leg isn't quite as "up to speed" as his left leg.  But climbing the stairs has really helped him to engage the muscles in both legs and bend them in new ways.  In a few short weeks, we have already noticed  that his right leg is beginning to catch up!

Brock is still cruising around the house (not without a few bumps along the way).  We know walking is just around the corner!
Words - they are a plenty!  Not only does he talk at home, but every time I pick him up from childcare at the Y, they tell me he talks non-stop.  A few new additions this month are: apple, car, peek-a-boo, up, bye-bye, and choo choo.

EXTRAS: Brock had his first haircut this month.  I was too afraid to do it myself, so I took him to the salon I usually go to.  The first few days Britt and I were pretty heartbroken about it, but now we have grown to like it (no pun intended).

Hardest part the month: getting Brock to let go of or give up something he's holding (cup, toy, etc.).

Favorite part of the month: how he now relaxes and cuddles in my lap when I read to him before his naps.

A few more pics from the month:

He LOVES his cups!
Best toy ever!

Cruising in the coupe.
Playing with his girl, Remi!  
He did everything he could to convince Remi that they
needed to be playing with the football.

Dinner with Hadley!
Three cuties in a tub :)

Watching Daddy mow the lawn makes for one happy boy!

Red hat club.

My boys :)

John Cade is showing us alternative uses for Brock's raft. 
Pool time!
Pool time didn't last too long...
His first big shiner :(
Snuggling with his blanket
Playing ball with daddy :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Home Videos - May

Check out what we've been up to lately!

Brock loves his Daddy!

Playing with one of his favorite toys.

Somehow managed to get many of his "words" in on one video!

Round and round.

Guess what he decided to try over the weekend?

Happy Anniversary!

May 23rd marked our 4th wedding anniversary!  On one hand, it's hard to believe it's been four years...but on the other, it's hard to believe it's only been four years.  It seems like we've been in each other's lives for much longer.  Britt said it's seems hard to remember what life was like before we were The Sellers :)

Our plan this year was to do a "2nd Annual Staycation".  We made hotel reservations downtown and planned out a two-day outing around Nashville.  Brock's Nana came up from Georgia to babysit for us (Paw Paw was sick with a cold back home :(  ).  Unfortunately, things did not quite go according to plan and we had to call the staycation off this time.  Thankfully, we were able to get out for a nice dinner and a stroll downtown on Sunday night.  Overall, we had a nice family weekend with Brock and got some great time in with my mom.  We will try again for our staycation another time!

Here are some pictures of our weekend:
Who needs fancy when you can
just get Chick-fil-a to go!

Milkshakes at Sonic

Sad about our staycation fail :(
Made it out for dinner and drinks :)
The historic "Men's Lounge"
They told us it was we had to take a peek.

Dinner at The Southern Steak & Oyster
Rooftop Bar
Goofing around on Broadway :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Brock 14 months - Overview

What a month of growth it's been for our little boy.  It crazy how much he learns and changes in just a few short weeks.  He keeps us on our toes!

Picnic at the park.
This child LOVES to eat Cherrios!  In fact, I think we may have created a "Cherrio Monster".  We got into the habit of feeding him Cherrios as soon as he got into the highchair - kind of like a little appetizer, while we get the rest of his food ready.  Great idea in theory, but we began to notice that he was not eating his vegetables like he used to.  Now, we make sure to give him some of the more important foods first and save the Cherrios for a little further into the meal.  Problem solved :)

New foods:
Yellow Squash
A few bites of Daddy's pizza

Brock is still loving the Vanilla Soy Milk.  We are not giving him a lot of dairy for the time being and will be checking back in with his pediatrician about it soon.
Brock has officially moved from bottles to the straw cup only (which, selfishly, makes me happy because washing them is by far my least favorite activity).  He looks like such a big boy holding the cup all by himself!  

Movement -
Brock is a master at his own version of the "army crawl".  Not a full out crawl, but he can get where he needs to go and loves to follow us around the house.

Playing at the Y
In the last week or so, Brock has started standing up without holding onto anything for a few seconds at a time.  I can tell he is  so eager to be able to walk on his own.  We're not far off!

Words - Most days I feel like I am having full on conversations with Brock.  He is talking 90% of the time...which is probably because I am talking his ear off most of the time.  He talks to us, his toys, the dog, and himself.  We love it!

This month, he's added some new words to his vocabulary, including: Paw Paw, Bebe, "night night", Lucy, Owen (his good buddy), Cherrio, cup, milk, football, shoes, and "all done".  

Hardest part this month: changing his clothes.
He cries/screams every.single.time.

Favorite of this month: how excited he gets when we tell him it's time to take a bath!  It's like we can't get his clothes off quick enough before he's practically diving in!

A few more pics from this month...

How did his hair get like that? 
Brock and his favorite babysitter :)
Lunch date with his buddy, Owen

Big belly!
Snuggling with his sheet :) 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Family Weekend in Atlanta

We were very excited to travel back to Atlanta for the weekend to celebrate Bonnie's 60th birthday, occurring later this month.  We practiced at home all week teaching Brock to say "Bebe".  He came close with "bay bay", but there is no doubt that he knows who she is :)

Saturday morning, some of the ladies went to get our nails done.  Got in some good catch-up time with Jessica and - thanks to her good taste - my toes are ready for summer.   

Ladies at the salon.

Brock wanted to be in on the action!
Brock and Lily play tug-of-war
That afternoon, we all gathered at the Poulos's house for Bonnie's birthday celebration.  Brock spent most of the time playing with his cousins, snuggling with Bebe, and eating up the delicious food.  It was great to see all of the siblings and cousins, most of whom we hadn't seen since Christmas.  A special thanks to the Massey's for making a huge sacrifice to come all that way for just a few hours.  And to the Poulos's for hosting everyone :)  It was a great afternoon!

The whole crew!

Sunday morning, we headed to breakfast with Nana and Paw Paw.  Brock wasn't quite sure how he felt about missing his morning nap, but he did a great job at being flexible.  We also got a surprise visit from Barbara and Michael, so great to see them and hear about their recent trip to Germany.
Thank goodness for Nana!

Playing with his Uncle Michael

We made a few more stops on the way out of Atlanta and then it was back to TN before the rain hit.
Slept the entire car ride home!
We stopped off in Murfreesboro for a Cinco de Mayo dinner with the Cades.  Terrible service and one very fussy baby at the nearest "Mexican Grille" lead us to Publix and then back to their house for a healthy dinner of cheese dip, hamburgers, and $1.29 pizza.  It was quite a night :)
Thumbs up to never eating here again :)
Pushing the boys at Publix. 
Always a laugh with this bunch!

Our failed Cinco de Mayo dinner :)
We finally made it back home by 11:30pm and somehow managed to unpack it all and get in bed by midnight.  We are a tired crew, but glad with how it all turned out.  What a great start to the month!